Pop-Up in Style


Pop-up’s are a fabulous way to create intrigue and urgency for last minute events.

Expertly manage your time with this daily schedule template. 

Pop-Up Schedule

The element of Design an event with is beautiful, effortless and memorable. Everyone will thank you.

Retail Pop-up

Celebrate your success in style with an effortless set-up for cocktail parties and (short) speeches which everyone will enjoy.

Pop-up Dinner

Whether its a hen’s wine tasting, buck’s whisky tasting, birthday, engagement or anything in between the private loft is a perfect retreat.

Art Event

The Oxford Street outlook is a historic location for our beloved LGBTI community and who of course doesn’t want to celebrate underneath Sydney’s largest disco ball. ¬†

Market Day

Shout out to creatives! We are taking expression of interest now for a locals market day.
Food,  wine, music, clothes, art and design. Contact us now!

Dance the night away under the stars.

Create your own adventure in a Darlinghurst laneway under the atrium stars.

Uber directly to the front door and enter via a doorbell for you private loft experience.

Book by the hour.